Public Fund “The International Fund for Humanitarian Aid and Development Orken”

Orken Public FundThe Public Fund Orken was founded in 1997. Its aim is to provide aid in specific areas and support the development of society. At this time, Orken is contributing especially to the formation of healthy life-styles among young people and prevention of diseases like HIV infection and AIDS.

In this website we are offering the text and illustrations of Orken’s popular publication “Advice for Future Mothers”. It contains important information for women and for their families. We trust that knowing this information will help them better understand the changes pregnant women are going through.

As a result, the women will be able to experience the stages of pregnancy, delivery and early motherhood with more confidence.

Please note that this information is not meant to replace professional advice and care. Therefore, if you encounter a health problem, make sure to see your doctor or healthcare professional.

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